Software Engineer. Mentor. Firm Believer in Open Source.

I believe passion in what you do everyday is the key to excellence. For me, it is the passion to make use of computers and learning machines for the betterment of our lives. The idea of software - written logic turned into instruction steps to alter the computer’s behaviours - seems almost wizardry to me even to this day. Dreaming of harnessing this power, I am in constant pursuit of knowledge: Knowledge that can make my spells faster, smarter, and more human.

I consider writing software as both a profession and an artform. During my 6 years of time working in the field, I have developed strong affinities with cloud technologies and machine learning applications. I take pride in designing scalable and efficient applications as much as I do in writing concise and elegant codes. Whether working alone or with colleagues, I always try my best to uphold the highest standards possible, as I expect others would do the same.

As a person with an insatiable curiosity, I fully understand the pain of having no guidance despite a burning desire to learn. Wanting to share and exchange ideas with my fellows, I actively participate in tech communities in Hong Kong. I joined GDG Hong Kong in 2019 as an organizer and have been regularly hosting talks ever since.

Looking back, I owe my knowledge and career to the open-source communities, for which I have grown a deep sense of belonging and gratitude. I take delight in contributing to open source projects and publishing my works under open-source licenses. Needless to say, I am a firm supporter of the open-source software movement, FOSS, and the free flow of information.

My native tongue is Cantonese. I can also speak Mandarin, English and Japanese.

I am currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Google Cloud Certified
  • Professional Cloud Architect

  • Professional Data Engineer

  • Professional Machine Learning Engineer

  • Professional Cloud Developer

  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Past talks